Gorgeous Shoes Need Healthy Feet

We might be heading straight into pumpkin spice season, but you know what else is on the horizon? Events season! That’s right ladies, it’s the time of year where we can pull out our glitteriest dresses, order cosmos at the bat and dance the night away in style. The festive season is just jam-packed with excuses to wear that little black dress and that gorgeous ballgown that’s been hiding in the back of your wardrobe. First there’s spooky Halloween parties (hands up, who’s dressing as a witch this year?), then fireworks night, and then Christmas parties galore. Then before you know it it’s new year, and we’re at it again!

I love this time of year because I really get to go all out. I never wear the same outfit twice, and I always coordinate makeup, accessories, outfits and shoes. I particularly love the excuse to buy a few new pairs of shoes for every occasion. But I also know that if I want to feel my best in my heels (and be able to wear them comfortably all night), then I need to take good care of my feet. Especially if I’m breaking out the open toes! So to make sure you can have a glamourous festive season, here are my top tips for keeping your feet feeling fabulous!


At least once a week, schedule some you time and give your feet a nice scrub. Exfoliation is super important for the health of your skin, and that includes the skin on your feet! You could use an exfoliating mitt, a soft brush or an exfoliating foot scrub if you’re feeling fancy! As long as it’s a little abrasive and can help you slough off all that dead skin.

Exfoliating is a really easy way of getting rid of the dead skin, dirt and debris that can really easily build up on your feet, leaving them feeling smoother, healthier and reducing the risk of cracking. It also helps stimulate blood flow to your feet and promotes the creation of collagen – that lovely chemical that gives skin its youthful elasticity! And a hidden benefit I discovered is that it also helps your moisturising products work better, since they can be absorbed directly into the skin instead of sitting on top of the dead skin layer. It’s a win win, and you can make it a little bit of a spa night!

Don’t Soak!

I’m willing to bet you have a foot spa tucked away somewhere in your house? They were all the range for a while, and who didn’t love the feeling of soaking your tired feet in warm water after a long day? Put a glass of wine in my hand and I’m in heaven! But while it feels just gorgeous, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t do too often! Soaking your feet can actually make the skin drier, and make it harder to lock in the moisture in your skin. So save the foot spa for special occasions, and instead opt for exfoliating scrubs on dry feet, and then rinse them off with warm water or a damp brush.

Moisturise Daily

Any Cosmo girls knows that you should be moisturising your face and neck every single day before applying your SPF and makeup. But moisturiser isn’t just for your face and body ladies – it’s for your feet too! Your poor feet carry you around all day long, and they are the one part of our body that’s most prone to overuse. Which means your feet (and particularly your heels) tend to dry out a lot faster than the rest of your skin. Your feet know this, and they protect themselves by developing thicker skin on your soles and heels. Great practically, but it means that your beauty products are going to have a much harder time getting through that skin and work properly. So get yourself a nice heavy-duty moisturiser and apply it just after you take a shower (when your skin is softest) to give it the best chance of working. For best results, also apply before bed.

Let Your Toes Breathe

Ok, who doesn’t love a good pedicure? You’ll catch me changing my toenail polish every week, and having sparkly toes c an be such an amazing confidence boost! But nails are a living part of your body, which means you need to let them breathe every now and then. Your toenails need a little naked time to cleanse themselves of chemical residues and grow in a healthy way. It will also help keep them a healthy colour – since wearing nail polish all the time can make them go yellow. So once a month, for just a few days, take a little mini-break from the nail polish and let your toenails breathe again.

At Shop Box we know that self-care is just as important as a new wardrobe – and everyone deserves a pamper day! It’s a small thing, but giving your feet some love is a great way to boost your mood and make partying the night away in heels much more comfortable! Keep an eye out, and you might just find a fabulous foot product in your next box! Use code shopbox10 for £10 off your first box.

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