How A Belt Can Transform Your Outfit

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good belt? It’s one of the most versatile, go-to accessories in your wardrobe, and can change the way almost any outfit looks in an instant. But for many women, the belt is a source of fear. Either because they don’t think they can wear one (not true, belts are for everyone!) or because they don’t really know what to do with them. I mean yes, they go around the middle of your body, but what position exactly? What colour, what style? And how on earth can I use it to really make a statement? Well, the Shop box team are coming to the rescue once again, with our best tips, tricks and secrets for taking just one belt and transforming your entire wardrobe with it. You’ll never look at a belt the same way again!

Bring Some Shape To Oversized If you go back a bit on our blog, you’ll find this little ditty about up and coming fashion trends to hop on this summer. And while the summer sun might have gone for good, winter fashion has kept some of the themes going. One of our favourites is oversized everything! We love a good oversized jacket, but with the winter chill a gorgeous oversized cardigan can be cosy and chic. But while oversized pieces are en vogue in a big way, they can often leave a little to be desired when it comes to flattering your frame. So how do you don the nubby knits without looking shapeless? With a belt! Throwing any kind of belt on over an oversized cardigan will bring your waist out of hiding, remove any boxiness and show off your fabulous figure. For an added bonus, belts with bright colours or exciting patterns can be a great contrast to the in-style neutrals and really catch the eye of everyone you pass.

Patterns And Prints

Being a Frankie, I absolutely adore anything bold and patterned. You’ll usually find me in some kind of animal print, and I love that mixing patterns and prints is so in fashion right now! Geometric tops, lace skirts, embroidered sleeves, pinstripe trousers and polka dot blouses – it’s all fantastic. The combinations really are endless, but when you’re mixing patterns there can be concerns about clashing. A belt is a really easy way to visually separate the top of your outfit from the bottom and divide those patterns. It’s also a great way to add in some definition and structure to all of that pattern play, making your outfit pop even more.

Suits, Suits, Suits!

If you love the city girl chic look, then a belt is going to be your best friend. Mainly because it’s the easiest and most stylish way to change the look of a suit, so you don’t need to carry extra outfits for after-work drinks. A belt is all you need to take you from business-meeting smart to cocktail-party posy. All you need to do is belt the outside of the jacket with a skinny black belt, and bam, you have a whole new ensemble that’s extra slimming and elegant. If you’re feeling daring, you can even lose the top underneath and just wear a buttoned blazer and belt for a dramatic, plunging neckline and yet another look.

Dress Up, Or Dress Down

Belts and dresses go together like fashion and Paris, so it’s not surprising this one made it to the list. Whether you’re wearing a loose-fitting dress, an elegant gown or even a slim, bodycon dress, a belt can look great with all of them. Wear a woven belt low on your hips with loose-fitting dresses to create a sultry drop-waist silhouette, or add a belt to a formal gown to give a bit of structure and shape t all those voluminous layers. With your slinkiest dresses a wide, corset-style belt can change the look of your outfit completely and make you feel more comfortable in your skin, or a skinny belt can give some separation and draw attention to a glittery buckle.

So if you’ve been shying away from the belts at the back of your wardrobe, you have no excuse now! Bring them out and see just how many ways you can transform your outfits with just this one accessory. And if you want some inspiration, or just to build your collection of belts and accessories, why not sign up to Shop Box to receive a monthly box of fashion, makeup, accessories and household goodies?

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