The Story Behind the Shop Box!

Hello, and welcome to the very first Shop Box blog!

The launch of Shop Box is something that’s been a long time coming, and I’m so excited to be able to finally share it with you all. This blog will be the home for styling tips, makeup tricks, general announcements and lifestyle hacks, so make sure you check back with us each month for something new. But since the business has only just launched, I wanted to spend the first blog telling you what Shop Box is all about, where it came from, and our plans for the future.

The Why Behind Shop Box

I guess I’d better introduce myself first, so hi! I’m Frankie, and I’m the founder of Shop Box.

The idea of Shop Box has been going around in my head for a few years now, but honestly it’s been in my blood since I was little. My mum lived abroad for a number of years, and as I got older I would travel around the world with my parents whenever I got the chance. My mum was a big lover of expensive and luxury things, with a particular weakness for shoes. My grandma was also into travel in a big way, but while she was jetting off visiting family and friends, she always kept her eye out for special things to bring home. Her real love was glamour and jewellery, and she built an amazing collection over the years – along with some gorgeous fabrics or anything else that happened to catch her eye. Both of them had an eye for beautiful things, and always brought back jewellery and clothes, and even the odd makeup product from every trip. Each one was always stunning, and it was always something timeless that would just go with everything.

Now all of that did make me love travel, but it made me much more passionate about the luxuries in life, saving in some places and splurging in others so that I can find the perfect combo of glamour and glitz. So I do love travelling as much as possible, but it’s usually so that I can go shopping and find those hidden gems to bring home. Now, my friends call me a magpie, because I tend to home in on nice, shiny, glamorous things. Growing up with them gave me a passion for fashion that I still hold onto to this day, and from around 10 years old I was telling people what clothes worked for them, pair them up with jewellery and create matching makeup looks – the whole 9 yards!

As I got older, that reputation stuck with me, even when I started working in a completely unrelated field. Fashion has always been my passion project, and I inherited that love of finding treasures (and travelling the world to get them!). I wanted to bring that joy of discovery to other people, even if they didn’t have the time to do the discovering themselves. That’s what sparked the idea for Shop Box. I figured there had to be more women like me out there – who led busy lives juggling lots of things, and who didn’t have time to go on shopping sprees every month, even if they wanted to! And when I spoke to a few, I realised they did!  

So I created a subscription box service that picked and delivered the shopping spree directly to your door, with bespoke items matching your style. The finished product is exactly what I’ve been imagining my whole life, but I have to give a nod to the team behind Shop Box for helping me refine how the whole thing works, and what the service looks like. My brand designer Gemma, copywriter Charlotte and photographer Nisha have all helped make Shop Box look like it is today, and I couldn’t thank them enough! And now we’ve launched, I’d very excited to welcome Ellisha to the team, who will be helping us out with keeping up on social media – so you’ll be hearing a lot from her!

How It All Works

So, here’s how the Shop Box experience works. It’s a subscription lifestyle box, designed to take the ‘you’ out of shop until you drop. Instead, you just answer a few questions, and a hand-picked box full of goodies from clothes and accessories to makeup and homeware.

Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to take a short style quiz. It’s just 10 questions, so it won’t take you too long! The questions are all designed to find out what kind of person you are, what your style is like, your favourite colours, what you look for in home décor, and more.

Once you’ve finished your quiz, you’ll find out with of our 4 style mentors you have been matched with (more on them below). They will be the ones picking out your presents each month! Each Shop Box is designed and hand-wrapped to give you the perfect pick-me-up every time. And while every month has a unique theme, the contents of your box will always be a surprise, so you can enjoy that birthday-girl feeling of opening presents with every box.

Which Style Are You?

Once you’ve taken our little quiz, you’ll be assigned to a style mentor! I’ve based each style mentor on one of my friends, each of whom have their own unique approach to fashion, accessories, make-up and homeware. With their help I’ve covered a broad range of looks and vibes, so I just know one will be the perfect match for you! There are 4 mentors you could be assigned to, and to give you an idea of their styles, they are:

Frankie: The Frankie box is all about being bold, glam, and not afraid to take risks. You will always find something unique, stylish and statement in this box, with a mix of textures and patterns to ensure you never get bored.

Susie: The Susie style is all attitude and no apologies. If you love the rock chick look, complete with statement rings, leather and lots of smoulder, then you’ll probably get paired with Susie.

Kerrie: The Kerrie is all about being chic, modern and stylish, with clean lines, structured fabrics and statement accessories. If you like the Sex and the City vibe, this one’s for you.

Ellie: The Ellie box is always packed full of delicate femininity, without missing a beat in current fashion trends. Soft delicate textures and a colour palette of strawberries and cream, it’s boho country girl meets romantic heroine!

Shop Box in the Future

Of course, all big things have small beginnings, and that’s the same for us. While Shop Box is currently UK based, we have big plans for the future. Since I love to travel, and to gather exciting trinkets from around the world, I want to bring Shop Box with me! Yes, in the future we plan on adding more boxes, many more exciting items, and worldwide shipping, so that you can enjoy the Shop Box experience wherever you are.

But for now, we’re focusing on creating amazing boxes each month, and reaching more and more people with the message. If you love the idea of Shop Box, please share this with your friends and family. And if you want to know more, all you have to do is get in touch, and we will be happy to help.

Thank you so much for supporting Shop Box. As a small business, it really does mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to hear about what you do with your surprises each month. Don’t forget to share your photos with us over Facebook or Instagram using #ShopBox – I’d love to see whose box is the fan favourite! Are you a #Frankiebox, or an #Elliebox? Share your goodies and let us know!

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